Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I-cord Necklace

Whilst on the train through to Glasgow for the craft bomb I decided to knit up this wee necklace. (Despite the odd funny look, I do love knitting on the train, It always makes the journey fly by)
I'm not really sure that it is my kind of thing but it looks lovely when I am not wearing it.
I originally saw the idea in a magazine unfortunately I was just browsing and I didn't buy it but at a guess I think it was the April edition of Molly Makes. I liked the design but it is so simple that I just couldn't justify buying the magazine.
  • I made this necklace by knitting three strands of three stitch I-cord, I made sure that one was the length that I wanted for the main neck length .
  • The other two need to be the same length and a couple of inches shorter than the neck piece.
  • Then just shape and pin everything together.
  • I remember the magazine stitching everything together with a matching thread but I didn't see the point of that so I just used the same wool that I used for the cord and a large eyed needle.
  • I bought a jar of random buttons when I got my sewing machine in January. Therefore, I used one from this little stash to hold everything together. The button hole is just a loop of wool rather than anything too complicated.
I'm not sure is I will wear it much as it is a little chunkier than what I am used to wearing but I still think it is pretty.

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