Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sewing for Pleasure Show

Que to get into the Sewing for Pleasure hall first thing in the morning
I am bound to mention this a lot over the next few posts. Last weekend I went down to Birmingham for the Sewing for Pleasure and Fashion, Embroidery & Stitching shows at the NEC. It was really good although I have to say I didn't really think that it was anything particularly different. I have been to a few of shows like these before but these were held in the biggest venue I had been to and were dedicated to sewing. I had hoped that this might have meant that there would have been some more unusual things as well as some great bargains and show offers.  

Yes there was lots of fabric but, almost all of it was cotton and there just wasn't an overwhelming amount of variety. There were some stands selling great fabrics though, there was one in particular which had a fantastic range of Liberty fabrics for about £12 a meter as well as loads of out there prints (I'm thinking day of the dead, cowboy, and spiders) in a Sew Dolly Clacket style. Apart from the fabric and the odd indie pattern seller most of what else that was on offer was the sort of thing that could be picked up at my local haberdashery store. However, I  did manage to pick up a few nice pieces for a couple of skits and dresses which I already had plans to make including, Sewaholic Cambie and Colette Ginger. Actually on the subject of future makes I have added an Upcoming 2014 page at the top of my blog to highlight some of the plans I have for this year.

Branching away from dressmaking for a sec I also picked up some great fun fabric to make roman blinds for my kitchen and bathroom. I haven't had much of a chance to put my stamp on my flat yet as I didn't decorate when I first moved in and I am picking up pieces of furniture pretty slowly. However, I think the addition of these new blinds will really help warm the place up a bit and make the flat a bit more personal. 

Sew Me Something The Viola Reversible Skirt Pattern
Sew Me Something  - Photo taken from Folksy shop page

This is something that I am really excited about! One of my non fabric purchases (actually a gift from my mum) was the Viola Skirt Pattern. The ladies from Sew Me Something were on their stand launching there new dress patterns along with the Viola Reversible Skirt. Yes, reversible! I'm not going to say too much about it just now as there should be a post for it in the near future. I bought fabric for it at the show and it is at the top of my project list so hopefully I will have it posted up soon.

Stuart Hillard and Me
Also, Stuart from GBSB was giving talks throughout the weekend on how to customise your wardrobe and I rather shamelessly asked Stuart for a cheeky photo after he had finished his talk. (I realise I now have a photo with Lauren and Stuart but, I swear I am not stalking the GBSB Series one 1 contestants!) 

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