Monday, 28 July 2014

Love at First Stitch the Delphine Skirt

I was really excited when Jane of Handmade Jane announced the One Pattern, One Week (OPOW) challenge. I didn't take part in MMMay this year as I felt I didn't have enough outfits to make a decent pledge. However with OPOW running over only one week and potentially only requiring a couple of garments I am definitely up for taking part.

The first challenge with OPOW is obviously which pattern to choose. I found it really interesting reading Tilly of Tilly and the buttons finding from the last OPOW (check out these graphs!). Last time found that tops in particular the Colette Sorbetto came out as most popular. However I decided that skirts were the way to go for me. I narrowed it down to my TNT Kelly by Megan Nielsen or new to me Delphine from Tilly's Love at First Stitch book. In the end I opted for something new and so after the success of my first one, the Delphine won.

I picked up this mid weight stretch floral denim on Goldhawk Road during my London trip. It has a wonderful ready embroidered selvage along one side. To be honest this was my first purchase on my Goldhawk Rd shopping trip as as the day went on I kinda fell out of love with it. I bought it with many great ideas but after carting it about all day (it was pretty heavy folded up) I was beginning to loath it and wonder why the hell I had bought it. In hindsight it was a good purchase and it is now a very comfy and fun Delphine.

 Mainly due to the fabric choice I ended up having to make a few changes to the pattern. On the whole it is the same pattern but I did lengthen it by around 1.5 inches as I was concerned it might be a bit short for me. As the denim came with a pre-embroidered hem I also too into consideration that the bottom of the skirt could not curve up at the sides as per the original design. Therefore I straightened the hemline so I didn't have to cut into the embroidery. I hope that these alterations have not taken away too much from Tilly's original design. I think for my next Delphines I will be sticking more true to the pattern.

I decided not to line the skirt as frankly it is just too flipping hot just not to think about lining. Plus I don't think it is totally necessary with denim. I finished the waistband with a fuchsia bias binding which has been in my stash for a while now. To stop the seams flapping about I also made sure that everything was neatly top stitched in to place.

My photos were all taken on a fab day out in Edinburgh Botanical Gardens. It has been so sunny lately that a trip to the gardens was a must. Also check out this gorgeous world war 1 commemorative poppy field. I love seeing the wild flowers, too often they are being weeded out of manicured gardens, so it was great seeing them being embraced in such a large flower bed in the middle of the botanics.

Hope you all had a great weekend and stay tuned for more Delphines and other Love at First Stitch garments (including one with a lot of bunnies). Also have you heard that Tilly is having a 20% off sale you can find the discount code in her announcement here

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