Thursday, 23 January 2014

Christmas Toy - Dressmakers Model

This is one of my favorite Christmas presents! My amazing grandparents bought me an adjustable dressmakers model. I'm so excited!!

My Granddad (who definitely does not sew) loves hearing about the things that I have made and so this for Christmas he decided to buy something that would help me make more. After putting two wanted adds in the local newspaper he was contacted by someone selling this beauty! The other add was for a sewing machine, my gran used to have one back in the day and she would make things super quick on it. Fortunately he didn't have and response to that add, I am only in a small flat and I think a knitting machine might have been a bit of a squeeze.

As for my new model, I have spent a fair bit of time getting her set up and I think she is just about at the perfect measurements now. I don't really know anything about her and except for a "Deluxe Dressmaking Model" label on the front there is no other indication as to make or where she is from. She is adjustable in four areas hips, waist, bust and neck with the movement of 13 separate wheels. She also has a handy little pin cushion at the top (I think  it looks a bit sinister but I am sure I will get over it)

At the moment she is located in my living room. So she does not freak out visitors with her nakedness I have pined this tube of red knit fabric round her. It also happens to compliment my new fur collar quite nicely. Once I have used her a little I will probably think about making a more permanent cover at very least to keep her clean ad dust free.

Now she just needs a name...

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