Friday, 28 February 2014

Seriously what is going on with this!

STOP THE PRESS, what the hell is going on with this fabric!!!!!!!!!!!
So... last night I was getting prepped to make another Sewaholic Renfrew when after an hour of ironing and folding I discovered that my fabric has been printed wonky!!! This black and cream polka dot jersey knit was another of my purchases from the John Lewis NY sale. I decided to get a neat centerline I would fold the fabric along the middle of the centre row of spots. u can see this has left me with a huge tapering 4inch offset between the selvages. What the heck do I do now? I don't want a squinty patern but I also don't want to cut not with the grain. Total nightmare!!!

****UPDATE- I am an idiot! I took this to my dress making class the other day where my tutor promptly informed me that I had got confused as to which edge was the  selvage.  Rookie mistake! All is now well and my Renfrew is back on the list of future makes **** 

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