Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Minerva Crafts Meetup - Purchases

As promised in my Minerva Crafts meetup post here is a quick run down of the goodies that I bought on the day.

I decided that if I went to the meetup without having a specific plan of what I was looking to buy then I would quickly find myself bankrupted with the desire to buy everything. To make the temptation even worse Minerva Craft Cub Members also received 20% off all purchases made on the day. So as a bit of a guide I went with the intention of buying the following: 
Simple Sew - Pencil Skirt
Linen for a BHL Victoria Blazer
Ponte Knit for a Love at First Stitch Megan
Fabric for a Sewaholic Alma
various threads to match fabric in my stash.

At the end of the day I think I stuck to my plan pretty well and only returned with a couple of things which I hadn't planned on buying.

Cotton/Linen mix  Mauve purple 
Cotton Poplin, I can't seem to find this online but it is very similar to this version in turquoise 

Clearly this is for my BHL Victoria blazer. I am planning to make the cropped version in time to take on holiday with me at the beginning of September.

This is almost exactly what I had in mind or my Sewaholic Alma. I think it will look great with a cream contrast collar. It is a lovely soft lawn which should be nice and light for the summer.I spent a little while carrying this bolt around the store, there was too much interest in it so I had to grab it and carry it around the store in fear of never being able to find it again.

This is the ponte from my shopping list. It is a lovely weight and has quite a denim-esque look to it. I haven't worked with a ponte before but I think as is has less tendency to curl that the other knits I have worked with it should be a pleasure to sew with. Some day in the near future this will be transformed in to a lovely casual Megan dress with perhaps a contrast bow belt similar to my last one or maybe a button placket.

Teal jersey

Speaking of curly knits this teal jersey is such a lovely colour I just had to get some. This was the first thing not on my list. I think I was lured in having just finished a very successful lady Skater dress. Also the idea of working with a solid colour and therefore not needing to match stripes and patterns really appealed to me.  

This is the purchase that I am most excited about. It is a gorgeous creamy white stretch cotton with a bold abstract flower print in fuchsia and purple. This will be the first time I have used a stretch woven so it will be a bit of an experiment but I am excited to give it a crack. I have always stayed away from fabric with light backgrounds as I feel it can wash me out a bit. However, with such a vibrant print I think it will be fine. Also, hopefully it will go well with my mauve Victoria blazer. I hadn't planned on buying anything like this but after I decided to buy the BHL Flora dress pattern I thought that I might as well pick up some fabric to go with it. Apart from the two patterns on my list I wasn't even going to look at any others, however, after listening to the BHL girls presentation and seeing some of the other ladies on the day wearing their wonderful versions, I gave in and bought it. I am leaning towards the tank bodice just now but I am really struggling to decide if I could pull off the hi-low skirt or not. My heart is saying go for it, it's totally different from anything I have ever worn before so will be a really unique piece in my wardrobe, plus I can really see it with some fuchsia lining at the back. On the flip side, my head is saying I would get a lot more wear from the straight hem and would be less self conscious of my legs when wearing it. Any thought? I might make a toile of both and see which I feel most comfy wearing.

In other news, I have been doing a bit of work to the blog in an attempt to make it more user friendly and easier for folk to subscribe and follow. So hopefully now you will find it easy as pie to follow by Bloglovin, email and various other readers. If anyone has any suggestions of other potential improvement to Little Sewing Corner please let me know in the comments :-)

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