Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Spring Sewing Swap

A couple of months ago I decided to join in with the SpringSewing Swap organised by Kerry from Kestrel Makes. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know someone new from the sewing and blogging community as well as a chance for some selfless shopping and a chance to gain an understanding of what sort of image I present from my blog. 

I was partnered up with Rachel from A Study in Stitching. I had a whale of a time snooping through Rachel's blog. She has a wonderful tab all about her Stash Diet Pledge which carefully details all of the patterns that she own and has a photo of all the fabric in her stash. This was a great help when I was trying to suss out what she might like.

Check out all of these lovely goodies that Rachel sent me. As well as snooping through her blog, Rachel and I were also lucky enough to meet at the Minerva Crafts Meet-up. This gave us both a great opportunity to work out each others style and chat about our upcoming project plans. When we were at the meet up Rachel made a very astute observation (I think based on the bundles of fabric in my arms and my meet up dress) that I like small prints and blue. I had to admit that she was totally correct but that it would be nice to have something different in my wardrobe.
So when I opened my parcel and found this small print fabric in red I was delighted. Its still in my happy zone but a lovely change from all that blue. With matching thread to boot!

I have to admit that I spied this pattern in Rachel's pattern stash and I did fall for it somewhat. This is Simplicity 5107, I believe it was printed in the early 60's. It comes with two options: the dress as shown in the middle drawings; and a "jumper" as shown in the two smaller drawings. I'm not entirely sure I would describe this view as a jumper but never the less this is the option that intrigues me the most. 

I really like these buttons. I have been planning on making another Viola Skirt which is more office appropriate since finishing my last one. Luckily there are just enough of these lovely buttons to add to a Viola and give it a bit of interest.
Rachel also gave me a Clover chaco pen style liner, I have had a chance to use one of these before and they are ideal. I find that they don't distort the fabric as much as solid chalk and give a much more precise line. 

6 of spades
To see what I sent to Rachel in return check out Rachel's swap post. Huge thanks again to Rachel for sending me such lovely things and a massive thanks to Kerry for hosting the swap. I have really enjoyed taking part and will be keeping an eye out for swaps in the future. 

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