Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Favourite Paris Outfit

I feel like it has been a life time since I book my holidays this year. My wait has made even more enduring as all my favorite bloggers seemed to make it on their holl's before me. So I have been reading every-bodies lovely Paris stories whilst waiting patiently for my turn to experience the city. 

Arc de' Triomphe
Whilst waiting I used my down time to sew up a storm. So much so that it took over blogging for a little while. My aim was to have my own Me Made Holiday and wear at least one thing me made every day. After having a good look at my potential holiday wardrobe I decided to fill in some of the gaps with some everyday basics.

Cycling along the River Seine on my rental Velib
By the time my man and I jetted off, I had two additional Renfrews, a self drafted circle skirt, a Lady Skater Dress and my first ever Kimono (as per By Hand London). I am sure I will post about some of my other makes in the next couple of weeks but for now I want to share with you my favorite holiday ensemble. 
This one is a really simple combination of my new lilac needlecord self drafted circle skirt and my shameless "I''m going to Paris so I need a stripy top" Renfrew (I literally couldn't help myself). I think the Velib bike (i.e. French Boris bike) and coordinating lilac beret (a bargain €3.50 at a random souvenir shop) finish the look perfectly.

Top of the Eiffel Tower
The dark navy and white striped cotton jersey came from the John Lewis end of 2013 sale. Clearly I have been holding on to it for some time but I think it's true destiny has always been to become my french inspired Renfrew. I made exactly the same version as my first one which meant the pattern was already traced and it was cut out super fast.  To cut this lovely knit  I used my new Olfa rotary cutter which I bough at the Festival of Quilts Show last month. Wow this guy is leagues ahead of the old unbranded excuse for a rotary cutter that I used to use. So, with the speedy cutting and the aid of another shiny new toy (more to come on that one) I had my stripy Renfrew finished off in a couple of hours.

Pretty sure I flashed some tourist taking this shot
On the bottom half, my circle skirt was traced directly from my last circle skirt which cut out all the need to do the maths again. The needlecord was bought even longer ago I think in 2012 in Mandors Glasgow. I had originally planned to make a Kelly Skirt with it but I think I became frigntened of the nap and it just never happened. Never
mind, now it is a wonderful circle skirt with a nice weight behind it which I hope will transition well into Autumn. Plus, it's just so spinny !!!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time in Paris - it's hard not to in such a beautiful city!

    I hope you don't mind, but I nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award - feel free to take part or ignore at your own free will!