Friday, 13 September 2013

Kelly Skirt for Work

Basically, I made another Kelly Skirt by Megan Nielsen.

This is a little more subdued than my last flowery Kelly, as I made it to wear around the office. It was basically made exactly the same way as before but this time I only put one button on the waist band. I thought with the size of buttons it just looked a bit more balanced plus I'm not sure if two would have fit anyway. The fabric I used was much heavier than last time and I think it holds the shape of the skirt much better. I scooped it out of the Edinburgh Fabrics scraps bin a couple on months ago. It is a lovely warm grey 100% wool gaberdine (I think, as all it said on the tag was 100% wool). 

I have two favorite things about this skirt. Firstly, check out that ric-rac, is that great or what! When I first bought it I thought it was just a huge wavy mess but once I sewed it in I totally changed my mind. I bought the largest size in the store as I wanted it to stand out and look almost scalloped. I got the original ideas for this from Lauren (GBSB) of Guthrie and Ghani's skirt here.
My other favorite feature is the buttons. Pretty simple really I bought two sets of buttons from the charity shop around the corner from my flat, unfortunately I only had 3 of one and 4 of the other. So instead of buying a matching set I just alternated them. Its not really that exciting and to be honest because both sets are the same size and color so, they basically all look the same. However, I know that they are different and I like it. :-)

Also, I have decided that if I make another Kelly or anything else that involves a lot of top-stitching I am going to invest in some proper top-stitching thread. Normal thread just doesn't cut the mustard!

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