Tuesday, 24 September 2013

FESA -Bubbles Top

This is my first contribution to the Fall Essentials Sew Along (FESA). This is one of the items I listed in my FESA plan under the Chic Chemises category. This is the second item I have made from Lisette 1879. Earlier this year I made a pair of shorts using view C. They turned out to be a bit of a disaster. As they were one of the first things that I had ever made I had not yet worked out that there is such a difference between ready made sizing and pattern sizing. In the end the shorts were way so small and I had to add extra material to make them wearable. I'm glad to say that this time I had learnt my lesson so I knew which size to cut. The only problem that I had was that the pattern I own only goes to the size below the one I need. As the top is a fairly loose fit I decided that I would be fine to just cut the pattern larger using the smaller sizes as a guide.

Thankfully this pattern actually fits first time. I loved the way this sewed together. When I make something I like to try it on to check the fit, style and progress at every single stage. However, as this has raglan sleeves there is just no point in trying it on until it is basically finished as you cant tell how it is going to sit until the sleeves are sewn in place. It sort of keeps you in suspense in a way.

Fit wise it is ok. I think it is perhaps a bit baggy for my personal style but I can work with that and maybe use a thin belt in a contrasting color. I do however think that the sleeves are really wide particularly at the shoulders. It might be something that I will get used to or I might try to alter them a little. Having said that it actually look fine in the photo so it might just be in my head.

I have started sewing these little labels into the garments that I make. They are just cut out of a bit of ribbon that I bought as a craft fair last year but I think they work sewn in like a little label. Ideally I would love to have some personalised labels like these from Wovenlabelsuk or perhaps I should just make my own like Lauren from Lladybird. Also, I am calling this my bubbles top because that is what the fabric print reminds me of.

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  1. This is such a pretty top that I am sure you are going to get lots of use from it...and make many variations too!
    The fabric is so pretty definitely like bubbles.Have fun with FESA!!