Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Maybe Next Year Scarf

From start to finish  this scarf has taken forever! Frankly I don't have a good excuse for it taking so long. I started knitting it some time around the start of this year and finished it on Thursday a good 8 or 9 months later. Considering the first leaf and the main body of the scarflet were finished in 2 very lazy evenings this just makes things worse. Unfortunately, I through a bit of a strop at the pattern when I couldn't get the second leaf to decrease whilst keeping the moss stitch in tact. After several attempts and with the weather getting increasingly warmer I finally gave up and stuck it in my knitting drawer. 

Thankfully, after a rather chilly evening last week I came across it in the knitting drawer and with a new sense of determination took up my needles once more and completed it. It took all of an hour to rip it back and do the whole leaf again. I'm fairly certain that it is still not correct but it looks OK to me and at least now I have a wearable scarf.

Apart from my minor falling out with second leaf the pattern is really easy to follow. There is even a handy knit along video Anthropologie inspired scarflet by iKNITS on YouTube which is where I originally found the pattern. The pattern itself is on Ravelry and is free to download. The scarf has a very simple feature of a pocket style loop which you can pull the second leaf through to keep the scarf close around your neck. I also love the shorter style of this scarflet, it means that there is not miles of material to squeeze inside your coat and is also stylish enough to wear around the office without looking like a snow man.

The yarn that I used is Big Wool by Rowan and is a really warm 100% Merino wool. I think the shade is Linen but I don't have the tag on me just now to check. Looking at the selection of colors online I will have to make another couple of these, I particularly like Wild Berry, Lichen, Burnt Orange and Stag.

I hope everyone taking part in FESA is enjoying themselves, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has made. Although my scarflet  was started a while ago I still think it definitely counts as craft yourself cozy. 

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