Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My First Make

After fixing a strap on a handbag I brought back from holiday, the first thing that I made with my sewing machine was this cover for it. Typical for me I decided that I didn't I didn't just want a dust cover I wanted something that was going to look pretty and not look like a small tent on my table.

My first port of call was of course Google. After a few minutes of searching I found this fantastic sewing machine cover tutorial video from Vanessa of TheCraftGemini on youtube (I have been watching her videos ever since and absolutely love them). The video is so easy to follow! A couple of weeks after getting my sewing machine for my birthday I went to one of my local fabric store and raided the scrap bin until I found this cream and gold colored fully lined curtain  I think it must have been an ex-display item. Realising that it was going to be really boring just being cream I bought another cottons that were on sale.

Never wanting to make things easy for myself I decided to make a strip of little patchwork squares to go over the front and back of the cover. Little did I know how trick it is to get all the squares to line up when they have been roughly cut with a pair of scissors. Some of them don't quite meet the way I would like them to but I think that as the first thing that I ever made it can be forgiven and I am really pleased with the look. Only now do I know that what I was making was the early sages of a quilt. If only I had know, I would probably have quilted it properly and used some nice batting to add a bit of padding and protecting to my machine rather than the two layers of heavy interfacing that I ended up using. Never the less, Vanessa's video is really easy to follow and covers everything you need to know to make our own cover. 

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