Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Red Dress

I originally made this dress for a Gala dinner at work. I really wanted something that was different to what the rest of the girls were wearing and as it was for work I wanted a dress that wasn't too tight and showed an unacceptable amount of leg or boob. This dress definitely did the trick and I spent the evening feeling confident and proud of my latest make. There was a professional photographer on the evening who was taking photos of the tables but unfortunately the photos have not been released and I just can't keep waiting for them.

Fortunately, I had a great excuse to get dressed up again at the weekend as Vintage Nation was on at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh.

The dress is New Look 6184. As I wasn't too sure about fitting my top half I decided to not break the bank and used some fairly inexpensive polyester fabric that I bought for about £2.99 a meter during a sale. On the whole I stay away from 100% poly as I find it a bit sweaty and uncomfortable. However I think I have been quite lucky with this one and with it being a sleeveless dress I don't over heat in it. 

I thought this pattern was pretty easy and straight forward to follow. I started by making a muslin/toile from some of the material I picked up from my car boot sale trip to East Fortune. After debating over the fit for an evening or two I decided that it was as good as I could get it. From then it took just 2 or 3 evenings to complete. Seeing as I have only ever learnt to put in an invisible zip I decided that I would stick with what I know and put in an invisible zip. It went quite well but I think it could have been neater around the skirt bodice seam. I also added some lovely floral bias binding at the seams. When you wave your arms about you can see a little flash of it but on the whole I am the only person who knows it is there. 
My only problem with this dress is the material. Ahhhh... this stuff does not crease or take an iron well at all! I think I need to read Lauren of LLadybird's post on the importance of pressing again. I am also thinking that some sort of pressing cloth and some more research on ironing polyester might help. Otherwise I am staying well clear of this stuff! It is a lovely colour though :-)

On a side note check out my hair I love, love, love it!!! The lovely ladies from Miss DixieBell were at the event doing hair, make up and nails. I didn't bother with make up and nails as I am a cheapskate. I love having vintage hairstyles though, and I am totally useless at doing them myself so I don't mind splashing out on having my hair done. The photo on the right makes me giggle, the women sitting down look so amazed. It was so pretty, I was sad when I had to take it out to sleep :-( 

All in all I love this dress and had a fantastic day at Vintage Nation (someone even stopped me and asked for my photo!) More of these dresses to come, I think I will try the lower neckline next time.

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