Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Colour Palette

After reading everyone's brilliant round up's from 2013 has really got me thinking about what I would like to sew this year. I have also signed up to participate in Colette Patterns Wardrobe Architect. So far we have been thinking about how our lifestyle, community, history etc. has affected our personal style as well as how our clothes/style makes us feel.

The Wardrobe Architect

It has only been running for two weeks but it has already made me realise that my wardrobe is awash of black and navy with only the odd red and lilac cardigans to add any colour. So I started looking for a way to plan for a more colourful 2014. Crafting a Rainbow's post on creating your own personal colour palette was exactly what I was looking for. My palette (not quite as professional looking) is a bit of a random mix of colours that I already have i.e. navy and grey, and some that I would like to introduce such as forest green, burgundy and turquoise. 

Some of the palette I already have fabric and patterns in mind but others I will just wait for some inspiration. I am also planning to print a copy of my palette and keep it in my note book so I can refer to it when I go shopping.  

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