Thursday, 9 May 2013

Fab charity shop find

On Saturday I went to a Vintage Kilo Sale in Edinburgh with my friend Alison. For the £1 entry we received a kilo sale plastic bag which we could fill to our hearts content. The hall was filled with huge rummage bins and a few rails filled with "vintage" clothing from the 60's onwards for men, ladies and children. Once we had picked out our favourite pieces from the bins we had a brisk try on of the items that we were planning to wear and not chop up for fabric. After that was possibly the simplest paying system ever, simply place your shopping bag on the scales and then £15 per kilo! I bought two skirts, two dresses, a scarf and a random lace doily thing totalling 1.5 kilos so I got it all for the bargain price of £22.50. I will probably post again with the details of what I bought (with photos).

 On the way back home we decided to hit all the charity shops on Leith Walk heading back towards the city centre. I used to enjoy going round the thrift shops with my Granddad when I was younger but in recent years I haven't been in many. However, The very first shop we went in to (St Columba's Hospice) had me totally convinced that they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.
When I spotted this cute little sewing box in the front window I knew we were on to a winner. I snapped this up with out a second thought. I had been looking at larger versions on eBay only days ago and although this is just a little version of what I originally had in mind it is still perfect for keeping my small collection of thread, ribbons and other bits n' bobs. Plus it was only a fiver, bargain!

I replaced one of the screws on one of the side beams and then it was good to go. The top compartments are just the right size to stuff buckets of thread, buttons and randomness.

Inside the shop was a treasure trove of goodies. They had an entire corner which looked just like a second hand haberdashery. I got a little over excited and spent ages rummaging through it all before finally deciding on a pattern for a basic knit top, I figured I could try it and if it a disaster then at least I didn't pay much for the pattern; some bright red stretch knit fabric, it is in one continuous tube which I thought was a little strange but know I'm thinking it is crying out to be some sort of seamless skirt; and some matching red thread.
I also picked up a light coloured bed sheet with graded little blue flowers all over it, I was thinking it might be good for a maxi dress for my upcoming holiday. More on that later...

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