Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The FlutterBy Sorbetto Top

Since signing up for IPM a little while ago I have been doing a lot of snooping about blogs and browsing way too many online patterns shops. I began to see a common thread running through many peoples me made wardrobe a.k.a. the Sorbetto Tank Top by Colette. With the popularity of the pattern I decided I really had to check it out and I immediately went on to the Colette website. The popularity of this pattern began to make sense when I discovered that it is actually a FREE download offered by Colette patterns.  Obviously I printed it instantly and with the use of the guillotine at work promptly had it stuck together and cut out to my required size. I think the jury is still out on the PDF pattern format. With only two pattern pieces it was super easy to tape together but I would hate to imagine what it would be like trying to sticky tape an entire dress pattern or such like.

As you can see I also chose to add sleeves to my top. I found the pattern for them at Sew Incidentally. It was really easy to include the sleeves I just added a little extra seam allowance around the arm holes.
I actually made this top over a month ago but I was rather unsure about the fit, style and material. Fit wise from the very start this pattern was WAY TOO SHORT! like at least a good 3 or 4 inches. I was also worried about the style I thought it was quite high necked when I first put it on but I have since got over that and there is nothing wrong with it. Also when I first put it on I thought the fabric was was really stiff however I do really live the print so I just persevered with it, after a few washes I think it has softened right up and is now pretty good although it does crease pretty badly still. All in all I'm not totally sold on this particular top but I think the pattern has a lot of potential and I will definitely try it again.

Also,I wore this top to work the other day and one of my colleagues, Ashleigh (who is also pretty handy in the dress making department) asked where I had got the pattern from. After giving her my little Sorbetto story she jumped straight on to her computer and printed one out. Today she turned up to work wearing her lovely light blue with multi colored polka dot version. I don't think she has posted about it yet but if she does you will find it here Made in Morningside.

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