Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The "Rustic" Sandwich

Check that bread out!! Can you believe that from very start to the end that was made in less than an hour. The last time I made bread it was the middle of winter and it took all day. I haven't bothered again since. Until now!

I am by no means saying I have any talent in the bread making department but I did love making this loaf. It is the super simple Soda Bread recipe from BBC Food. No yeast therefore no need to prove or test your patience. In my case this bake was made even quicker by the use of my Andrew James food mixer and dough hook (which I used for the first time).

As you can see however the end result was a little more "rustic" than I was originally aiming for. I think my hand shaping skills could do with some refining and I have been reliably informed that the dough needs to be flattened a little to make it in to a more traditional soda bread shape. 

Having said that it was a very enjoyable bread and my boyfriend and I made some wonderful Stilton and Apple on Soda Bread sandwiches which tasted brilliant. 

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