Friday, 17 January 2014

Living Room Lampshade

Back in November I had a long weekend in Birmingham for the Cake International show at the NEC. The show was absolutely amazing. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my life. The decorations that some of the competitors had created out of sugar paste, fondant and butter cream were mind blowing. I took so many photos that I have not had enough time to sort through them yet.

Whilst I was down in Birmingham I really couldn't pass up he chance to go to Guthrie and Ghani in Mosley. After being inspired by Lauren's success on the Great British Sewing Bee the chance to visit her shop was one not to be missed. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop (frankly it was embarrassing).

Along with many other things that I'm sure I will write about later, I purchased a lampshade making kit. After the success of the first one I made at the start of the year, I knew I wanted to make the shades for my new flat too. This kit was exactly what I was looking for. It came with with everything that was needed for the construction except for the material. The photo below shows the contents of the kit after I had covered the stick PVC with my fabric.

Lampshade Kit

I also purchased the material for the shade at Guthrie and Ghani. It is by Emma Hardicker a printmaker and designer who produces vibrant artwork and upholstery fabrics. I was really sold on the minimal travel this material had done. Emma designs and silkscreen prints at her studio based in the old Bird's Custard Factory in Birmingham. The thought of supporting a local artist whose product are being handmade locally too definitely made me want it more.

This is an extract from the Guthrie and Ghani website describing Emma's work-

"Local Artist, printmaker and Designer Emma has now created her first fabric collection. Her fabrics have a beautiful fresh and contemporary look, in a selection of understated tones. Perfect for curtains, blinds and light upholstery. There are two classic designs to choose from ‘Daffodils’ and ‘Spring’."

Emma Hardicker, Daffodils in Teal available at Guthrie and Ghani

At £48 per meter this is definitely the most expensive fabric I have ever bought but it was definitely worth it. Fortunately, Guthrie and Ghani sell by the 10cm in their shop so I didn't need to buy more than required. The kit only needed a 30cm strip for the shade so it made it a more reasonable £14.40. 

My new living room lampshade

Here is the finished product lighting up my living-room. It was a breeze to construct and I put it together in an evening whilst watching the telly. Although I knew what to do after making my last shade, the instructions were very clear and had loads of step by step photos. 

Same shade different angle.

I love the huge repeat on the fabric it means that every angle that you look at the shade the pattern is always different.

On a side note the double sided sellotape is VERY sticky! I mislaid my tape half way through making my shade. I spent ages looking high and low for it, I literally checked everywhere even the fridge and the bin! . In the end I decided that some freak accident had made it vanish. I finally gave up after 40 mins or so, only to discover that at some point I must have lent on it and role had been stuck to the sleeve of my jumper all along.  Thankfully no one was there to laugh at me! 

My first lampshade

A little flash back to my first lampshade. As I was renting my previous flat I had to leave my bedside lamp behind when I moved. Therefore in my new flat I have had to buy myself a lamp. So here is my little lampshade in its new home. The lamp that it is on now is a lot lighter than the one it was on previously but I think it looks great if not better than the old one. Until I find a bedside table that I like it is living on a small second hand side table that I found at the weekend for a bargain price of £7. Although I like it I think the table is definitely destined for a makeover in the next few months before I move it through to the living room too! 

You might also recognise the two books o the table. I got Stitch 'n Bitch from my friend Pin for my birthday (which was last week). I'm really looking forward to reading it, the couple of pages that I've looked at were really funny. The second I treated myself to for the start of new year. Colette Sewing Handbook I have read so much about this book and when one of my friends from work bought it I managed to get a quick flick through. From then I knew I wanted one too. It only arrived a couple of days ago but I am positive that I am going to get loads of use from it.


  1. I just bought the great British sewing bee book for a tenner at the works. Think it's better than the collette book! I just need to find some money for material and time for sewing :)

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will need to check it out. I'm the same on the time and money front, there just seems to be too many things to juggle. Look forward to seeing your next make :-)