Monday, 24 February 2014


These guys were a great wee Friday night activity whilst watching the telly with my mum. My mum is coming to the end of a quilting course and as her sewing machine seems to have gone a bit funky she came round to my flat for the weekend to borrow my new machine (not the one in the picture). I love having my mum round but I do always seem to gain a bunch of pins after she heads off. To try and help us keep track of who's pin is who's I decided to make us each one of these super sized tomato pin cushions. 

This one is mine...

They were so easy I cant believe I haven't made any before. I watched the short Martha Stewart video on tomato pin cushions and then got to cutting and gathering and stuffing my projects.

...and this one is my mum's.

They were both made from fabric and notions already in my modest little stash. 
  • Butterfly fabric from my Sorbetto (need to make another of these as darts are in completely the wrong place for me)
  • Green felt from my pompom flowers for Voluntary Arts Week 
  • Buttons came from a jar I bought in the John Lewis sale last year similar to this.
  • Finally, the embroidery thread was part of a pack that I bought on eBay for my cross stitch project (still a UFO but it's nearly there)
These are a great project for beginners and would make great gifts. These two are huge so I think next time I might make some smaller ones.

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