Tuesday, 13 May 2014

70s Wrap Skirt - Simplicity 6789

I started writing this post ages ago...I first mentioned this skirt in my FESA plans post and I did actually start it around that time however I couldn't really decide if I liked it so it ended up sitting in my wardrobe un-hemmed for ages. However whilst I was getting ready for a party at my friends flat a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was going to whack on a bit of bias binding round the hem and wear it out.
Finished Skirt
 My original plan was to  make it up in a mystery green fabric which I picked up at Borders Scrap Store. At the time however I was trying to streamline my storage and the fabric taking up the most space ended up being to one for the chop. So the plan was changed and I ended up using a creamy coloured curtain that I picked up ages ago in the shame shop I bought my little sewing box, blogged here. I think it looks like it has little bows all over it. Being decor weight it is quite heavy but it does have a nice movement to it. As per the original plan I still think it would be suitable as an autumn/winter skirt.
Little bows 
As for the pattern, I picked this up from another charity shop just round the corner from my office. I think it cost about 20p. When I first saw it I was immediately reminded of Tilly's (TATB) Miette wrap skirt
Simplicity 6789
I like this version as it does not have the long ties that Tilly's has so it uses less fabric. I also think the buttons make a nice feature and keep it good and secure. The only problem with the buttons is that unlike Tilly's there is no flexibility in the sizing. At least with the long ties you can adjust a cm or so tighter or looser depending on how tight you pull it.

Button closure
The waistband has a lovely curved shape which drops at the hips. I think it is a bit lost in the fabric pattern and could really be exaggerated more with a different fabric choice and perhaps some piping.

Waistband detail
My original plan for this skirt also involved pockets, I think they would have made this a more practical skirt. Unfortunately, anybody who knows me can attest to the fact that I am not the tidiest person in the word and sadly some time between taking it out of the envelope and pinning it to the fabric my pocket pattern piece went missing. Personally I think it was a distant cousin of the sock monster (who also resides in my flat) who has snuck in to my room and stolen it!!

Unfolded skirt
 The skirt has quite a lot of fabric in it however I still feel I run the risk of being exposed in the bottom region if I was caught in a gust of wind or such like. I have never worn a wrap skirt before so that could be the reason for my insecurity. Still, I think if I was to make it again I would add a bit more to the back skirt panels just to be on the safe side.  

Handmade label
All in all, I think this skirt looks better on the envelope than it does on me. If I was to ever try it again (I don't imagine I will but you never know) I will definitely use a different fabric perhaps a denim or corduroy. To be honest though I think if I was to make another wrap skirt I would probably just buy Tilly's Miette pattern. I have a lot more confidence in its drafting and think it would not only look better on me but also provide a little more coverage at the back. Plus I have seen so many lovely versions online I would quite like to create my own. 

***Update - I found the pocket pattern when I packed up my old flat, it was under the TV table oops.

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