Thursday, 22 May 2014

Jewellery of the 1940s

As part of the Festival of Museums event last weekend I took part in a "Make Do and Mend" themed Jewellery of the 1940s evening.

Festival of Museums Weekend
The idea behind the evening was to give people a taste of the 1940 spirit of refashioning. We learnt a little about the days when things were scarce and people took everyday objects such as metal washers, machine parts and old glassware and turned them into beautiful pieces of jewellery. Then we were given a chance to create our own interpretation of a 1940's brooch. 

Work in Progress
We were each given a choice of curtain rings, different colours of fine gauge electrical wire and a good rumage through a tin full of random buttons. Our teacher for the evening used a hoola hoop and a couple of skipping ropes to teach us how to weave the wire around the ring. After carefully selecting our button of choice and coordinating wire we got to create our own brooches. 

The Finished Creation
I am not normally a brooch person but I am really liking this one. I have it pinned on to the lapel of my coat and I think it looks fab.

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