Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dressmaking Class - Rooibos Part 3

This is just a quick progress update. My dressmaking class was on holiday last week so I used the time to do some work on my own at home. So far I have managed to finish off the bodice and I have started the piping on the pockets.

I decided to make my own piping as the selection of ready made in the shops around my area is pretty poor. Anyway, it is really easy to make so I don't see the point in buying it ready made. I bought the pinky purple cotton for the piping at one of the shops on Goldhawk Road during my rip to London (more on that later). I bought the piping cord in Mandors in Edinburgh. I can't remember what diameter it is but I have a feeling that it is just a tad too thick for this neckline. I would have liked the points of the collar to be slightly sharper and I think a thinner piping might have helped.

I love this all in one facing method. I read the instructions when I first got the pattern and it just sounded like gobbledygook. However, when I finally got to the point of sewing and I had everything in from of me in real life I was actually pretty logical. Also, it was very satisfying to pull everything out of the little gap and see a perfectly piped and faced armhole. 

So basically, that is how far I have managed to get with my Rooibos. I am finding that the 2 hour class is not enough time to really make much headway so I am trying to work on it more at home. Hopefully the next time I post about my dress it will be finished and I will be able to start something else in the class. Fingers crossed :-)  

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