Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring Tidy, Embroidery Thread

Neat and tidy
Whilst making my Home Sweet Home cross stitch I became increasingly frustrated with the disorganisation of  my thread. Every time I went to use a new colour it would take ages to round them all up and even longer to read the number on every single skein. 

Half way there
So... when I was at the sewing for pleasure show the other weekend I purchases this organiser box for a bargain £2.50 and bunch of card bobbins for £1 for 50. At a guess I think the box will hold about 180 full skeins wrapped on to the card bobbins. It also has a longer compartment which could be used for needles, thimble, scissors etc. 

Pink Thread
Turquoise Thread
After a couple of evenings and some mild RSI in my wrist I had all my threads tidied up. My man even took pity on me one evening and we both sat in front of the telly watching the first series of Breaking Bad whilst untangling thread. The vast majority of my threads are Anchor so we just wrote the colour number on the top of the bobbin. For any other brand ie. DMC, I just wrote the brand name too.

The finished box
Here is the finished result. I still have plenty of card bobbins left over so if I happen to acquire any more embroidery floss I can just rewind it immediately from now on. No more tangled mess for me :-) Right, what can I stitch now...

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