Friday, 28 March 2014

Ski Hat

Glenshee Ski Centre
This is actually a make from last year but for some reason I never wrote about it. I haven't skied much this season but a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get up to Glenshee Ski Centre for a solid day of skiing fun. This obviously reminded me of my hat as so I thought better late than never... so, here is my hat.

Black side of reversible hat
This was one of the first practical things that I actually made which I wore and which also fitted well. Thinking about it it was also the first time that I had used stretchy fabric. At the time I didn't really give that fact much thought but I guess it was quite a big jump from the cotton and old curtains I had been sewing with prior to that.

The pattern is Crafty Gemini's fleece hat with ear flaps. Vanessa (Crafty Gemini) is mainly a youtuber but she also has a blog where she links to all of her videos and shares other cooking, sewing and gardening tips. The hat was a really quick make and the fleece was surprisingly easy to work with. As with knit fabric, fleece does not fray when cut so there was no need to finish the raw edges. Also the fully lined and totally reversible so it is super cosy and warm (great for skiing). I finnished my hat with a couple of pleated tassels on the ear flaps to give it a real ski hat look. 

That about all I have to say really. Simple, quick and warm. Watch Vanessa's video for more details. 

Purple spot side of hat (and the Eiger)

Did I mention that I originally made it for a skiing holiday to Switzerland :-)

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